DoodleArt Challenge, February string challenge.

DoodleArt February Challenge. String Challenge special week beginning 23rd February to showcase small selection of work and write a synopsis about myself. ..Hi there! thank you for liking my funny little elephant. It was such a surprised and so unlike my usual work. .I live in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland, UK. I have been a member for about a year now. I don’t have a particular style as I keep learning new techniques online. .DoodleArt has taught me so much about Mandalas, Zentangles and the uses of pattern. Seeing others’ art , and the comments too, is really enjoyable. .My favourite subjects to draw? Probably seascapes in various styles and media; but also art nouveau representations of people and nature in general. .I love the art of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Picasso,Mucha, Klimt and more; the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Country and Western and much more: and the poetry of Keats, Wordsworth, W. Carlos Williams – This list is endless! .All these interests, along with family and friends, surround me with love and beauty. How could I NOT want to make art?

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Without art in one form or another I feel incomplete. I Have all the time in the world now in retirement but not all the energy to keep painting at a reasonably high standard. But nothing worth having is to be gained by excuses not to try so I am going to use techniques shown to me by my daughter and all my sisters in the art community on line. Never has ther been such support for urging one to be better. Onwards and upwards.

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Autumn Pages

Halcyon Days

As I look through

this distant window…

Could this be me

All those years ago?

Innocent, carefree child.

Surrounded by love.

Little cherub!?

work work

marriage marriage

children children

career career

retire, whew!

The years progressed

t’wards that 3 score and 10…

the autumn of life;


Positive energies from friends and family.

Tolerance on THEIR part now.



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Inspired by Charles Rennie Macintosh

Being a Glasgow girl it only seems right!

These are a triptych hanging in my daughter’s living room, side by side.

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Early Goddesses

These are goddesses which I painted/pastelled some years ago.
I’m learning to update my style through Effy’s studio, thanks to my daughter introducing me to the online world!

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To introduce myself and the things I like to do here is a wee snapshot:- Painting, art journaling, crafts, reading, writing and lots of talking with my friends. I am not up to scratch with computing but am determined to learn, so bear with me on that one. Ideally I would have liked to put in my own artwork as a header and some of my other works but that will have to come later as the only thing I can do at the moment is type!

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